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Stop Coddling the Super-Rich - By Warren Buffet - NYTimes.com Twitter

Stop Coddling the Super-Rich - B... 1 2

OUR leaders have asked for “shared sacrifice.” But when they did the asking, they spared me. I checked with my mega-rich friends to learn what pain they were expecting. They, too, were left untouched. (Voir plus)

nytimes.com il y a about 5 years

Havas Media choisit YoolinkPro comme Réseau Social d'Entreprise pour ses 1000 collaborateurs #RSE Twitter

Havas Média choisit YoolinkPro p... 2 1

Dans un secteur où l’innovation est la clé du succès, il est essentiel que l’information soit facile à trouver, à partager et la plus pertinente possible. C’est pourquoi Havas Media a choisi Yoolin... (Voir plus)

yoolink.fr il y a about 5 years

How Wal-Mart engages with employ... 1

With more than a million Wal-Mart Stores employees nationwide, the company’s Lisa Thurber and her team are tasked with communicating with this massive workforce in a two-day dialogue.

smartblogs.com walmart il y a about 5 years

VERBATIM. Les bonnes feuilles du... 1

CHAPITRE : LES FRONTISTES CONTRE LA FRANCE(pp 40 à 46)« Le Front National de Marine Le Pen n'est en rien « plus » modéré que celui de son père.

leparisien.fr il y a about 5 years

"Bye Bye l'Intranet" par Collaboratif-info #Lagardère #YoolinkPro #RSE Twitter

Bye Bye l'intranet ! 6 3

Il a vu passer pas mal de vagues technologiques et reste toujours fringuant. Un peu partout, il s’est d’ailleurs imposé comme le socle du système d’information et l’arrivée du web 2.0 semble lui ou... (Voir plus)

collaboratif-info.fr il y a plus de 5 ans

"L'intranet disparaîtra au profit du réseau social chez Lagardère Publicité" Valérie Blondeau sur CIO Twitter

CIO-Online 2 1

CIO-Online imprimer fermer « L'intranet disparaîtra au profit du réseau social chez Lagardère Publicité » Edition du 21/04/2011 - par Bertrand Lemaire « L'intranet disparaîtra au profit du ... (Voir plus)

cio-online.com il y a plus de 5 ans

Great article... and thought provoking on top of that "This Tech Bubble Is Different" Twitter

This Tech Bubble Is Different 1 1

As a 23-year-old math genius one year out of Harvard, Jeff Hammerbacher arrived at Facebook when the company was still in its infancy. This was in April 2006, and Mark Zuckerberg gave Hammerbacher—... (Voir plus)

businessweek.com il y a plus de 5 ans

Mosaics on Freemages 1

A close-up of traditional mosaics in Fez, mixing blue (Fez), green (Islam), yellow and brown colors on a white background.Resolution: 1536x1024Weight: 465.1 KiBAuthor: Christophe EYQUEMDate: 13.05.... (Voir plus)

freemages.co.uk il y a plus de 5 ans

Weldom choisit YoolinkPro! » Yoo... 2

Weldom a donc décidé de déployer Yoolinkpro au sein de sa centrale et de ses magasins pour renforcer la capacité d’innovation de l’entreprise. Weldom opère plus de 270 magasins de bricolage en Fran... (Voir plus)

yoolink.fr il y a plus de 5 ans

Django for non-programmers 1

I consider myself a web designer. I don’t dabble too deeply into programming. That having been said, I have downloaded, installed, and customized many-a-PHP-script in my day, and I’ve even written ... (Voir plus)

jeffcroft.com il y a plus de 5 ans

Django | Writing your first Djan... 1

Throughout this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the creation of a basic poll application.It’ll consist of two parts:A public site that lets people view polls and vote in them. An admin site that... (Voir plus)

docs.djangoproject.com Django il y a plus de 5 ans

Installing Django in Mac OS X Le... 1

I’ve been thinking about writing a start-to-finish Django tutorial, creating a simple CMS for a hierarchical web site going from installation of Django on a clean system all the way to a CMS that a... (Voir plus)

hoboes.com il y a plus de 5 ans

What Was That? — Learn Python Th... 1

In Exercise 9 I threw you some new stuff, just to keep you on your toes. Ishowed you two ways to make a string that goes across multiple lines. In thefirst way, I put the characters \n (back-slash ... (Voir plus)

blamcast.net il y a plus de 5 ans

Chatter Anti-Patterns | Rob Chen... 1

Salesforce Chatter is a great way to collaborate at work, as long as people use common sense when posting. To help you out, here are some things you should try to avoid:

robcheng.wordpress.com Rse il y a plus de 5 ans

Facebook Partners with Seedcamp ... 1

Seedcamp, often described as the European equivalent to Silicon Valley's Y Combinator, has announced a partnership with Facebook to help support socially-oriented startups. The partnership means th... (Voir plus)

readwriteweb.com Facebook il y a plus de 5 ans

GrabCAD - free CAD library from ... 1

GrabCAD - a free CAD model library with open source CAD files available for different software like Solid Works, SolidEdge, Autodesk etc.

grabcad.com il y a plus de 5 ans

Thinglab - Independent UK Expert... 1

ThingLab UK is the 3D printing and 3D scanning division of Inition Ltd. - home of everything in 3D. ThingLab provides cutting-edge 3D print and 3D scan production and hardware sales.

thinglab.co.uk il y a plus de 5 ans

The Paradox for Jive Software 1

I find Jive Software to be a bit of a paradox. . I like the people and the company they've built. They're a local success story here in Portland. They have transformed from a client-technology, sof... (Voir plus)

readwriteweb.com il y a plus de 5 ans

The end of the IT department 1

When people talk about their IT departments, they always talk about the things they’re not allowed to do, the applications they can’t run, and the long time it takes to get anything done. Rigid and... (Voir plus)

37signals.com 37signals il y a plus de 5 ans